My Favorite Things!

These are a few of my favorite things. I am sure that you will love them too.

Customized Eyeshadow Pallet

Each curated pallet is customized based on your eye color. It includes three shades, our black cream liner, an illuminator which doubles as a higher for your cheek bones and an shimmer eyeshadow, and setting powder..


Makeup Brush Cleaner

Brush Cleanser is a spray specifically engineered to dissolve bacteria and remove makeup residue from your brushes quickly and easily.

I love it because is smells amazing. It sanitizes and conditions the bristles of your brushes to keep them looking and feeling like new!


All-in-one Makeup Pallet

This the perfect starting place for your introduction to cream makeup. With 12 carefully curated palettes dedicated to a specific skin tone level, from the lightest skin tones at Level I to the deepest at Level XII, there's a palette tailored to each individual. 

Select find my shade at the link.


Skincare System

Carefully crafted to give your skin the decadence that it deserves. I love it because it promotes healthy skin cell turnover through gentle exfoliation and provides superior moisture retention for a more clarified, luminous, and smoother-looking complexion. Doubles as an after-sunburn relief and men's aftershave.